Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Around the House!!!

It's coming…..

                  I KNOW everyone feels like we do.  

          We are so sick of this winter and ready for it to be GONE!  

According to the calendar….
          and according to our house….

               It truly is almost here!

I just took a few pictures of the Spring flowers that I have around the house just to remind me.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014


When we moved into our home almost 7 years ago, we painted every room…. 

       we painted every single inch of woodwork….
                  we painted every wall………

What we didn't do was worry about the ceilings or the ceiling beams in our living room. (We just wanted to get it done.)   Seven years is a long, long, long time to keep the same color (FOR ME).  Back then I LOVED dark colors.   

I have begun to realize that dark colors really affect my mood……
                                     in a B.A.D. way!  Ha!  

              Maybe it is the looooong winters in Indiana.  

This picture was taken over 2 months ago and 
my backyard hasn't changed AT ALL!!!      
O.V.E.R    I.T!!!!!

I haven't been in the best mood and I can sum it up in one word……

I was so proud of myself..  
      I entered all of our information weekly…

            I PROUDLY sent all of my information to my accountant!
     Only to get a million phone calls…..
                 And a hundred emails…….

I soon realized that I entered almost EVERYTHING in the wrong category!    UGH!  

Deb (bless her heart) and I sat down and went through EVERY receipt and every check to make sure EVERYTHING was in the right category….

It took us 3 ENTIRE days …
          but I think we FINALLY finished!  YAY!

On a HAPPY note…..
I have said for a long, long time that I wanted to paint the living room… 

         why paint the living room without painting the ceiling? 

               why paint the ceiling without painting the beams?

                     ONE PROJECT LEADS TO ANOTHER!

On Sunday, Deb started carrying all of our JUNK STUFF to our den to begin painting.  

I said, "Can't you just give me a little time to think about it?"   (I've been thinking (AND TALKING) about it for MONTHS.)

She knows that if she doesn't START projects, I will just sit and WISH!



I SERIOUSLY had to edit Miss Ivy out of almost every picture.  
She wouldn't move… 
 She thinks every time I pull the camera out 
that I want her to pose!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014


I'm assuming everyone is as addicted to Pinterest as I am…..

        It's bad!!!   Ha!  In a good way.  Some of my boards include "If I Had a Big Barn" which includes such cute little farm animals…  I don't want to have to go milk a million cows twice a day, but a cow, a pig, a goat, and a sheep would be so cute!!  LOL  

(Until I'm shoveling poo out of the barn in -30 degree weather…  that wouldn't be so much fun.)

Another one of my boards is "Thing for Deb to Make."   It is a subtle hint to her of things that I LOVE that she can make for the shop...and then while she's at it, make a second one for me!  Ha!
Ivy was being a creeper in all of the pictures, 
so I just included her in a couple.  

This week, I showed her a picture on my board of a little wooden carry-all that I thought was adorable.  It was from one of the blogs that I follow.  You can see the original post HERE.  Elizabeth's hubby gave her a gift card to her favorite antique mall and she picked out a cute little french fruit crate.  I LOVED it, too…. SO….  Deb chose that as our Trashed Tuesday piece this week!  (I'm still waiting on her to make me one!!! - Hint Hint)

Here is the original tray:
I took a picture on Deb's phone so she would have this as a sample to go by!!!  She started by using some scrap wood that is in our basement at the shop

She actually had to rip boards down with the table saw to get them to the right width.  She didn't have the right sizes so she had this extra step…

After air nailing the correct sizes together… and making a special handle by cutting around an appliqué to get a more custom looking piece, she came up with this….

I do have to say that Deb isn't a fond lover of things that she makes.  This was no exception.  She is very critical and always thinks she could have done a better job.  She brought this piece home for me to take pictures and said, "I'm not impressed with this piece at all…. and Natalie said it looks like Jesus' manger."   Ha!!!    

Of course, I LOVE it.  This would be so adorable sitting on a porch filled with clay pots and geraniums… or in the middle of a farmhouse table…  what is there NOT to love?

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(There was no link to this picture on Pinterest… let me know if this is your original picture and I will add it to my post!)

Have a fabulous day!!!


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